The AI-Powered Agricultural Revolution

Bridging the gap between business and billions of
smallholder farmers around the world

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Unprecedented Access to Farm Data

We believe that every farmer, regardless of location or scale, deserves to harness the power of data to enrich their yields, optimize their operations, and secure their future.

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Fostering an Ecosystem 
of Growth

We're not just connecting farmers with partners. We're fostering economic growth,
supporting community development, and contributing to a sustainable future for farming.

Financial Innovation Rooted in Data 

Agrails enables business to create tailored solutions for smallholder farmers 

Policy-Driven Decisions for Sustainable Farming 

We help policy institutions and governments make impactful and data drive choicen

Empowering Farmers, Transforming Livelihoods

Precision Farm Mapping  and monitoring unleashes opportunities for sustainable growth and improved iivelihoods
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For Businesess

Bridging the Financial Gap with Data-Driven Insights from Smallholder Farms 

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For Policy &

Nurturing Growth with Insightful Mapping and Monitoring Technologies

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AI-models powered by
satellite &
ground data

Leveraging cutting-edge technology through a robust GDPR-compliant infrastructure to capture and connect offline data from fields and enrich the data. 

Simplifying Access to First-Mile Data

Agrails is the intermediary between organizations and first mile growers, enabling them to gather, process and leverage first-mile data relevant for GHG emissions, financial products design and food traceability efficiently

Transforming Agriculture

Join us in building the world largest agricultural database